My work investigates mapping by using scientific images such as topography, astro-geology, and cartography. I investigate line, space, and organic forms to create an environment that would not be available otherwise to the unaided eye. I choose subject matter that is related to these topics, drawing inspiration from maps and satellite images. My work represents images in the unique language of maps, and I use this language as a way to create abstract environments. Some of the images have been derived from satellite pictures and then broken down and simplified to basic colors, shapes and lines.

My goal is to show the beautiful images that nature can create on a larger, more abstract scale. By viewing something such as the surface of a planet at a large scale and then simplifying the shapes and colors, you can begin to see it in a completely different way. Everyone is familiar with the beauty of landscapes, but most are unfamiliar with the beauty of nature on a much larger spectrum. My work investigates all of these facets of the subject matter that I work from.


  • "Fresh Picks" at Columbia College, 2001.
  • Received scholarship for the Albert P. Wiseman Scholarship Exhibition at the Hokin Gallery, 2003.
  • Nominated by faculty member to exhibit in the 12th Annual Hokin Honors Exhibition at the Hokin Gallery, 2004.
  • "The Grand Design" Thesis Exhibition at the Glass Curtain Gallery, 2005.
  • "x/y", a two person show at Morpho Gallery, 2007.
  • Exhibited in Around the Coyote Fall Arts Festival, and selected as Curators Choice Artist, 2009.

Marcy Lyzun
65 S. Chestnut St.
Aurora, IL 60506
(773) 953-0998

Columbia College Chicago, Bachelor of Fine Arts

The following is a list of Fine Arts media in which I am most proficient:

  • Drawing in pencil, charcoal, pastel, colored pencil, conte, and ink to render reality, the figure, or abstract subjects.
  • Painting in oil, acrylic, vinyl and encaustic to render reality, the figure, or abstract subjects.
  • Ceramics using terra cotta clay.
  • Sculpture using oil based clay.
  • Papermaking using a variety of materials.
  • Black and white photography.

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